Unto Arcadia

by Kraton

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Music and lyrics by Kraton
Recorded, engineered and produced by Mike Bertemes

Cover art by Erika Hutchins
Band logo by Christopher Horst


released April 20, 2019


all rights reserved



Kraton Luxembourg

Combining the ferocity and groove of death metal with dismal atmosphere, Kraton sets out to create a raw and vibrant sound that draws from the gloomier corners of the genre. Thematically, the listener is invited to explore the bleak aspects of existence and to stand defiant against the disheartening challenges that are part of the human condition. ... more

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Track Name: Drown in my Disgust
Stone cold ground
Under a pale sky
The sun has cracked and bleeds to death
Scratch the surface
Split the crust and cut the rock
Dig deep, dig deep, dig deep!

Come closer
Do not stop
Can you hear the noise?
Can you feel the cold?
Can you taste your death?

Drown in my disgust!

Dropping into this roaring cave
Swallowed by freezing waters
Stiff to the bone, gasping for air
The cold drags you down!

It’s time
To drown…

It’s time
To drown in my disgust
Track Name: Hades
Feeble shadows, beings without will
Abandon hope, when you enter here

Follow the guide of souls
To the river Styx
Charon expects your obolus
Or roam the shore eternally

Cross the river, pass Kerberos
Await your final judgment
In the realm without a sun
The place no one wants to go

Aiakos, Minos, Rhadamanthys
The judges have chosen your path

Will it be Elysium?
Or the plains of Asphodelos?
Maybe even Tartaros…
Hades welcomes a new soul
Track Name: Phantom Solace
Pulled from the void
An ethereal existence
Taking human form
In unrestrained agony

Brutalizing conscience
Lashing out at sanity
Phantom Solace
Hidden in emptiness

Time is a cruel mistress
As I long to return to the cosmos
Bound inside this human shell
Every atom screaming for release

A vicious cycle
The most cruel of fates
Taken from the celestial sea
Spat out to live amongst you

Surrounded by empty husks
Ill intentions as far as the eye can see
Phantom Solace
Hidden in emptiness

In emptiness!
Track Name: Revel in Chaos
Let no joyful voice be heard, let this day be cursed
With eyes wide open, let the hunt begin
Driven beyond sanity, touched by terror
All masks are falling, the truth is revealed

Revel in Chaos!

Let no man look up
To the sky with hope
Make them choke
On newfound disbelief

A dreadful stream of thoughts invades your mind
Bursting, crushing, pulsing, radiating free
Dark forces pull and push, tearing barriers apart
Fueled by ravenous desire, negativity is amplified

Revel in Chaos!

Power overwhelming
Don’t look back
Taste victory
And revel in chaos
Track Name: Doom Breaker
Where is my salvation?
Where is my deliverance?
Filled to the brim with dread
And crushed by the weight of the world

Here I stand
As I stare into the abyss
Just a hollow shell
All emotions depleted

All emotions depleted

Nothing can prevail, nothing will remain
Carve your dark spells deep into my flesh
The human element is cold to the touch
Devoid of all empathy

Bound to the ground by heavy chains
A soothing cold embalms my soul
The bells of doom chime in the distance
I am longing for a ray of light

Nothing can prevail, nothing will remain
Carve your dark spells deep into my flesh
The human element is cold to the touch
Devoid of all empathy

Enthralled by black mirrors
I will not accept this cruel fate
Track Name: Immersed in Wrath
Walls inside me come crushing down
Every notion of control has been lost
Flood gates have been opened
A raging wave about to consume me

A state so pure
So clear and well defined
Tyrannical power
Drawn from the deepest core

Engulfed by this boiling fury
Dragged into the depths of madness
Reaching for light and reason
Futile! Everything is futile!

Immersed in Wrath

Floating in this primal form
Unbound and unshackled
Humanity cast aside
Completely overwhelmed

Fueled by your presence
The flow does not cease
Growing stronger by the minute
Now it is time...

To bring the world down!

The haze has lifted
Clarity returns
What have I done?

Immersed in Wrath

Staring in disbelief
These mistakes cannot be undone
Track Name: Unto Arcadia
As I rise from my tomb
Called violently back to life
All my senses are burning
Searing pain tears through every limb
Thrown back into existence by an unyielding force
Fueled by fury as I stumble towards the light

How has it come to this?
Why do you keep mocking me?
Grasping for moments of clarity
Is this the path I have to take?


What are you trying to show me?
Setting ablaze every fibre of my being


Unto Arcadia!

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