Demo 2016

by Kraton

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Demo 2016
Recorded and mixed in autodidactic DIY fashion by Mike Bertemes

Guitar: Jacques Zahlen
Guitar: Jason Brink
Bass: Marc Geiben
Drums: Véronique Conrardy
Vocals: Mike Bertemes


released March 26, 2016



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Kraton Luxembourg

Kraton has been formed in 2011 and originates from the small Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg. Delivering a raw and gritty mix of Death Metal and other elements, the band invites you to explore the dark corners of your inner self.

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Track Name: Revel in Chaos
Let no joyful voice be heard, let this day be cursed
With eyes wide open, let the hunt begin
Driven beyond sanity, touched by terror
All masks are falling, the truth is revealed

Revel in Chaos!

Let no man look up
To the sky with hope
Make them choke
On newfound disbelief

A dreadful stream of thoughts invades your mind
Bursting, crushing, pulsing, radiating free
Dark forces pull and push, tearing barriers apart
Fueled by ravenous desire, negativity is amplified

Revel in Chaos!

Power overwhelming
Don’t look back
Taste victory
And revel in chaos
Track Name: Drown in my Disgust
Stone cold ground
Under a pale sky
The sun has cracked and bleeds to death
Scratch the surface
Split the crust and cut the rock
Dig deep, dig deep, dig deep!

Come closer
Do not stop
Can you hear the noise?
Can you feel the cold?
Can you taste your death?

Drown in my disgust!

Dropping into this roaring cave
Swallowed by freezing waters
Stiff to the bone, gasping for air
The flood drags you down!

It’s time
To drown

It’s time
To drown in my disgust